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Declan DunnDeclan Dunn is CEO of DunnDirectMedia, a pioneer of affiliate programs, and also the founder of one of the first educational networks dedicated to education in 1995, recognized by Adobe for its Social Impact in Media. He was also the CEO of his own direct marketing agency, ADNet International,for 6 years, helping launch American Express, MyPoints, and Network Solutions Partner Programs. It’s this wealth of robust expertise in the trenches and in the Fortune 500 that gives Declan his wide-ranging, pragmatic perspective on business.


Today he helps companies move towards acquisition and IPO through growing their audience, building data assets that add value, and integrating social and mobile connections into the traditional Internet business model. Often called into conduct business development and recommending key paths for growth, Declan has helped 7 companies go IPO or get acquired, including one in the past year which was bought for over $1 billion.


Since 1995, Declan’s been a pioneering insider in the fields of online education, corporate performance enhancement and affiliate marketing. This unusual skill set allows him to bring people together in business settings, enhance their relationships, and then empower them to monetize those relationships. 


By simultaneously honoring both the needs of businesses, and rewarding the humans who work within them, Declan’s unique systems consistently return bottom-line profits by integrating retention metrics and long term customer value into businesses driven by revenue. Increasing the valuation of a company begins with the value of the data, traffic, and conversion systems that turn friends into fans and fans into customers.



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More about Michael Berkens

Michael Berkens is President of Worldwide Media, Inc, which owns approximately 75,000 domain names and operates a retail site at MostWantedDomains.com. Michael is also a Director of RightoftheDot.com a consulting firm for existing and new TLD's registries.

Since 2007 Michael has written a widely read blog on the domain industry at TheDomains.com. TheDomains.com was awarded the TRAFFIC award for Best Domain Blog in 2011.

Michael won the TRAFFIC Domainer of the Year award in 2009 and is an inductee into the Domain Hall Of Fame.

Michael is an attorney and holds degrees from Brooklyn College (BA) , Stetson School of Law (JD) and The Unviesity of Florida.

Michael and his bride Judi just celebrated their 25th anniversary earlier this year.





Worldwide Media, Inc.

URL: RightOfTheDot.com


More about Monte Cahn

Monte Cahn is Co-Founder and President of Right of the Dot, LLC, an Internet consulting and advisement firm specializing in new and existing TLD strategy, board advisement, premium domain and market positioning, sales and services. Most recently he is Founder and former President of Moniker.com, a Top 7 ICANN Accredited Registrar and former President of SnapNames.com, the leading online domain auction and expired names business on the web. Together these made up the Aftermarket & Registrar Division of Oversee.net, where he also managed more than 6 million domains, and 117 ICANN Accredited Registrars. Monte became president of SnapNames and VP of Sales for DomainSponsor, the internets’ leading domain monetization company, in 2008, shortly after Moniker was purchased by Oversee.

He started investing in domain names in 1995 and helped start the first online domain brokerage business on the Internet in 1996. Success includes participating in the sale of more than $300,000,000 in domain name sales & brokerage, including the industry’s first domain name sale for over $1 million dollars with the sale of Wallstreet.com and the industries first $2 million dollar plus domain sale with the sale of Autos.com in 1999. Many feel that these two industry record sales were responsible for dot com buying and selling frenzy that started in late 1999. Later, he sold the highest dollar domain in history with the sale of Porn.com for $9.5M and most recently the sale of Slots.com for $5.5mm. He is also the visionary behind Live and online Domain Auctions, bringing transparency and an open market mentality to the domain industry, and spearheaded the development of the only true Domain Escrow and Appraisal services available in the market. Monte has also owned several businesses and significantly contributed to the successful initial public offerings of Pyxis Corporation and MedicaLogic, Inc.

Consistently pioneering and inventing new products and services for the domain industry along with generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, Monte was voted into the 2010 Domain Hall of Fame by his industry peers. He has spoken and presented at more than 100 industry conferences such as Ad-Tech, WebMasterWorld/PubCon, Search Engine Strategies/SES, Internext, The Strategic Forum, SMX, T.R.A.F.F.I.C., and DomainFest on the subject of domain names and intellectual property.

Monte Cahn created and is host of the Internet radio show “Domain Masters” on www.WebmasterRadio.fm, which airs weekly on Wednesdays at 7 PM EST. Monte graduated from University of Kentucky with degrees in marketing, biology, and business administration.



Co-Founder & President


Right Of The Dot, LLC

URL: RightOfTheDot.com


More about Hanno M. Damm

Mr. Damm has served as Senior Vice President – Corporate Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions since January 2012 having joined Bankrate in December 2009. Prior to joining Bankrate he worked as a Principal in the New York office of Apax Partners, a leading global private equity firm, which he joined in June 2006 in their Munich office. At Apax, Mr. Damm focused on buy outs in the media sector in the US and Europe. From November 2002 to September 2005 he was employed by PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporate Finance Consulting in Germany. Mr. Damm is a CFA charterholder and received a degree in Economics from the University of Bonn and a Master in Finance from Princeton University.



Senior Vice President – Corporate Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions



URL: Bankrate.com


More about Adam Dicker

Adam Dicker is the driving force behind DNforum.com, which is one of the most popular domain name forums on the Internet. DNForum.com welcomes both newbies and domain industry experts alike. It currently boasts over 155,000 members with more than 1,800,000 posts. Perhaps one of the big reasons the forum is so successful is that the moderators and admins take an active part in the discussions. Founded in 2001, the forum has grown leaps and bounds. While a big chunk of the forum is open for free, there are exclusive sections available only to paying members. Membership is available at varying levels.

DNForum was also awarded the 2006,2007,2008,2009.2010 Name Intelligence Award as the best online community to discuss, buy and sell domains. Dnforum was named best online forum by Domain Name Wire four out of the last five years. If you don’t already belong to DNForum.com and you're serious about domaining, this is a must have membership.

Adam is also the man behind Digital Intelligence LLC., a company that owns thousands of high-profile domains and operates a number of active websites including DNForum.com, the thriving online community visited daily by thousands of domain fanatics. Casual surfers who know nothing about this industry still come into regular contact with Dicker’s company when they type in generic names and land on the highly profitable websites he operates. He attracts them with a wide variety of topics through domains like DownSyndrome.com, Planets.com, Witchcraft.com, FirePrevention.com, Avatars.com, Download.net, Limo.ca and salads.ca to name just a few.

Digital Intelligence LLC. employs 45 Web Designers, Web Developers, Content Writers and SEO Specialists spread out all around the world. Digital Intelligence LLC. Designs over 700 websites a month for its growing customer base through nichewebsites.com, webdesigners.ca and dcg.com. Digital Intelligence LLC. Also runs 24 call centers for its customers.

Digital Intelligence LLC. Also runs one of the most popular new blogs in the domain industry, a daily Video Blog produced by CEO Adam Dicker, TheArtOfTheName.com. TheArtOfTheName.com provides daily tips and tricks to domainers that no other blog can provide. Adam Dicker uses his 15+ years of experience to teach others how to make money building real businesses.



President and CEO


DNForum.com / TheArtOfTheName.com / DCG.com

URL: DNForum.com


More about John Ferber

John Ferber, along with his brother Scott, were the Co-Founders of Advertising.com, which was acquired by Time Warner in 2004. Advertising.com is one of the world's largest Interactive Marketing Services Companies. Today, John spends his time helping domain investors gain the most of their investments with Domain Holdings Group, Inc., which he co-founded with Chad Folkening. He also spends time running the philanthropic domain, MicroGiving.com, which he started in 2007.

John was born in Baltimore Maryland, and currently resides in South Florida. His personal and professional life have made quite a splash in 2011. He was featured on ABC Television's "Secret Millionaire" and was the subject of the DNJournal.com Cover Story for March-April.



Co-Founder & Director


Domain Holdings Group, Inc.

URL: DomainHoldings.com & MicroGiving.com


More about Chad Folkening

Chad Folkening is a successful serial entrepreneur who began his Internet domain career in 1996. Some major accomplishments includes successfully founding and selling such websites as Webex.com, Tagged.com, CafeWorld.com, Handyman.com and others.

Born in Indiana, Chad started his first successful company, Student Services Inc. (SSI), at the age of 14. In 1995 he had his second success story and exit, funding and managing the development of a historical building in downtown Charleston, South Carolina and converting it into a successful art cafe called Aberrations.

After selling the company, in 1996 Chad entered the internet scene with his first online venture, eCorp, now under the umbrella company Global Ventures, a technology-based venture development, advisory and investment group with a portfolio of over 18,000 premium domains. Global Ventures’ investments include Domain Holdings and its leading flagship product DomainPower, Referrals.com, Mergers.com and many others.

In 2005 he purchased and renovated a 26,000 sq. ft estate, in Indianapolis, featured on HGTV’s Extreme Homes, the Kessler Mansion, which he is currently transforming into the country's first live/work startup incubator centered around premium domains, called Charity Ventures.

Chad currently lives with his family between Florida, California and Indiana. His philosophy for success is: father first, friend second and businessman third. Some of his passions include sports, unique real estate and change management. Chad is on several charity boards including Grassroots.org as well as the founding member of Entrepreneurs.org.




eCorp &

URL: eCorp.com


More about Jeffrey Gabriel

Jeffrey M. Gabriel is an expert in Domain and Website brokerage, monetization and evaluations. During his time as a broker Jeffrey has contributed to over 55 Million dollars in completed transactions. He has been a top Domain Broker since he became part of the domain industry. Currently Jeffrey is President of DomainAdvisors, an industry leading Domain and Website brokerage firm. He was most recently a guest speaker at Domaining Spain in April 2012 focusing his discussion on domain sales strategies and valuations as well as being nominated for the prestigious award, Domain Broker of the year award and is currently brokering Music.com






URL: DomainAdvisors.com


More about Michael Gilmour

Born in Melbourne, Australia Michael has been working in the BBS and Internet industry for the past 20 years. During this time he founded an ISP, ran a web development house and raised several million dollars of venture funding for an innovative online marketing tool.

For a maximum term of six years Michael served as a director of the Australian Internet Industry Association (iia.net.au), the last two of which he was the vice-chairman. He contributed to forming internet industry policies including; privacy, cyber-crime, copyright and chaired the committee for online advertising standards.

Michael has developed an extensive portfolio of domains and in 2007 was one of the founders of ParkLogic which is now widely regarded as the most sophisticated domain asset management platform in the world. Most importantly, he loves the flexibility that working with domains provide so that he can spend more time with his wife and three children.



Executive Director


Park Logic

URL: ParkLogic.com


More about Chris Hartnett

Christopher William Hartnett, Ph.D. is the founder and retired Chairman of USA Global Link, Inc., Global Online, Inc.(GOL) and the publicly traded Global Online India, Inc. (GOLX).

Dr. Hartnett was the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of these companies since their founding in 1992, 1997, and 1999 respectively. These companies were successfully liquidated and/or merged in June 2001.

USA Global Link’s sister company, Global Online, Inc. (GOL) founded by its Chairman and CEO Dr. Hartnett in 1993, was one of the world’s first international web based meta-hub portals on the internet with over 5860 separate and distinct “Global” web sites and he has been credited with setting the standard model for international mega directory portals on the internet such as Alta Vista, Yahoo, AOL and Google

Dr. Hartnett chaired the Executive Board of all three companies, whose aggregate average market value, independently appraised in 2000 by Deloitte and Touché, was $2.8 billion. Dr. Hartnett and his family owned and controlled 85% of these corporations.

From 1992-2001, USA Global Link, Inc. was the world's largest provider of discount international telecommunications services with in excess of 5750 agents and employees and staffed offices in over 160 countries and territories. USA Global Link was a facilities-based carrier and a pioneer in the provisioning of advanced global telecom services. It was the international long-distance "Carrier of Choice" for the 256 World Trade Centers in 120 countries and territories, and their 400,000 plus members making it the first and only truly global telephone company in the world. USA Global Link's sister company, Global Online, Inc. (GOL) founded by Dr. Hartnett in 1993 was one of the world's first international web based meta-hub portals on the internet with over 5860 separate and distinct web sites and is credited with setting the standard model for international portals on the internet such as Yahoo, Google and AOL.





USA Global Link and Global Online

URL: Hartnett.com


More about Ron Jackson

Ron Jackson is the Founder, Editor and Publisher of Domain Name Journal, the domain industry news magazine at DNJournal.com. Jackson was a television reporter with ABC and CBS stations in Florida before beginning an entrepreneurial career that led him to the domain business. When he discovered that this dynamic industry had no trade magazine of its own he established DN Journal on New Year’s Day 2003 and the publication rapidly became an industry institution.

With its timely profiles of industry leaders, daily news updates and weekly domain sales reports, DN Journal is the source mainstream media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the New York Times go to when domain related stories are in the news.



Founder, Editor and Publisher



URL: DNJournal.com


More about Ammar Kubba

Ammar Kubba is a principal and the Chief Executive Officer of Thought Convergence, Inc., whose various portfolio companies include TrafficZ, one of the industry's oldest and most experienced domain parking and traffic monetization services; Aftermarket.com, a leading Internet domain name marketplace and brokerage service; and DomainTools, the world’s most comprehensive and powerful set of domain name and DNS research tools and services. Ammar is a leading authority on Internet domain name acquisition, development, valuation, and sales, and traffic monetization, as well as an active proponent for the continuing advancement and evolution of the domain name industry. His determination, passion, and vision have helped propel Thought Convergence to the forefront of the space, while the Company's cutting-edge proprietary technology and unparalleled services have garnered the attention and praise of the most influential players in the domain community, as well as several of the world's leading Internet companies.

Ammar, a serial entrepreneur, business advisor, and angel investor, has been integrally involved in the acquisition, development, and/or sale of such high-profile Internet properties as Beer.com, LA.com, Hawaii.com, BusinessDevelopment.com, Trainer.com, Coed.com, ContactUs.com, Meet.Me, and countless others. He has been interviewed for and featured in Business 2.0, The Wall Street Journal Online, BusinessWeek, UCLA Magazine, the DN Journal, Modern Domainer, and myriad other media outlets and industry publications. Ammar also enjoys sharing some of his personal insights on his blog at www.afterthought.com.

Prior to joining Thought Convergence, Ammar honed his legal, entrepreneurial, and business development acumen as in-house counsel for two public companies in the technology sector. He has counseled countless private and public clients, ranging in status from the Pink Sheets to NASDAQ, and has been intimately involved in dozens of public offerings and mergers and acquisition transactions, both domestic and international. Ammar holds a Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, where he was a writer and editor for the school's Law Review journal, and a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from the University of California, Los Angeles.



Principal & CEO


Thought Convergence, Inc.

URL: TrafficZ.com


More about Daniel Law

Daniel is a veteran of the domain monetization sector, having held various executive positions in the industry since 2003.

As Director of International Operations at Sedo GmbH, Daniel built his department into a core profit center, responsible for 53% of the company’s bottom line. He left in 2005 to become one of the founding members of NameDrive LLC, masterminding the company’s early growth and later acting as COO.

Daniel’s role at Rook Media is to coordinate our operations in North America and lead the company’s strategic development.

Born in Arizona and raised in New York, Daniel earned a degree in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University after his tour in the United States Army, which he finished ranked as a corporal. Daniel spends his free time enjoying his three ever-growing and rambunctious children or engaging in political discourse combined with the finer points of single malt scotch.



Co-Founder and COO



URL: RookMedia.net


More about Brad Lemire

Brad Lemire began his career with AT&T during the early .com era. As the Web grew he seized the opportunity to fine-tune his business development skills working for internet and mobile startups in Boston. Through his hard work those companies either became public or were acquired. Later, he joined VeriSign, where he led their business development and partnering efforts in the mobile data space.

In 2010 he joined Sedo as Director of Business Development. Brad is responsible for distribution, partnering and business development activities in North America. He holds an MBA and is a graduate of the University of Southern California.



Director of Business Development



URL: Sedo.com


More about Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton is an entrepreneur, blogger, and domain investor in Los Angeles California. Morgan's company, Linton Investments has developed over 200 domains over the last five years. Along with domain development Morgan also actively sells domains and helps startups and venture-funded companies choose and acquire the right domain for their business. In October Morgan is quitting his day job to help build Fashion Metric, a new Fashion Tech startup started by his wife Daina.





Linton Investments

URL: LintonInvestments.com


More about Mike Mann

Mike Mann is the founder and chairman of Grassroots.org (501c3), a global network providing free services to non-profits and promoting social action. He also founded and manages Make Change! Trust, a charitable fund that supports select 501c3 organizations.

Mike is founder of successful, active, for-profit corporations also including Phone.com, SEO.com, DomainMarket.com, PRMarketing.com, PurePPC.com, and others. In many cases his companies exchange resources, talent and technologies in their never-ending quest to deliver innovative, profitable digital products and services.

In 1994 he founded Internet Interstate, which he sold to Verio Inc. in 1997.

In 1998, he founded BuyDomains.com (now NameMedia), the world’s largest secondary market for domain names, and sold majority interest to Highland Capital and Summit Partners in 2005, along with the “Seeq.com” search engine portal.

Between 1998 and 2001, Mike served as the founding Chairman of the non-profit ByteBack.org, which is an innovator in operating free computer and job training centers serving inner-city communities.

In 2007, Mike and WashingtonVC.com founded Yield Software, a company which delivers cutting-edge online marketing software. Within two years the majority of Yield was sold to venture capitalists Draper Fisher and international marketing conglomerate WPP. In 2011 Yield Software was acquired by Autonomy Corporation, an HP company.

Mike is also the author of Make Millions and Make Change!, a book focused on making money in small business so we can better serve society.



Founder and Chairman



URL: Grassroots.org


More about Ted Olson

Ted Olson is a domain expert who manages all of NameMedia’s Domain Monetization Services. Ted has extensive experience in the domain industry, including domain sales, acquisitions, monetization, life-cycle solutions, and development. Ted’s background in Internet marketing, SEO, and development has contributed to his success at NameMedia, most recently as a key player in developing institutional partner solutions to maximize revenue from their domain portfolios. Ted’s also built out some of NameMedia’s premium properties (e.g., Mommy.com), and maintains several of his own websites.



Director – Monetization Services



URL: Namemedia.com


More about Braden Pollock

Braden is a serial entrepreneur and domainer that owns several companies, both online and off. Among his businesses is Legal Brand Marketing, LLC which focuses on DUI and legal marketing, primarily through online lead generation. He also owns Smart Start, an alcohol ignition interlock provider, with service locations throughout the country. His portfolio includes developed sites such as ScienceFiction.com, SignatureFiling.com and many insurance and legal sites. His domain portfolio numbers in the neighborhood of about 13,000 names. He is a frequent speaker at domain conferences domestically and internationally.





Legal Brand Marketing, LLC

URL: LegalBrandMarketing.com


More about Michael Ricciardelli

Michael Ricciardelli was appointed SVP, Business Development and Consumer Marketing after joining Bankrate in September 2006. Prior to joining Bankrate, he was Vice President - Marketing and Media Sales at Apartments.com/Classified Ventures where he managed all marketing functions and online advertising sales efforts. From 1999 to 2003, he was Co-Founder and Vice President of Strategic Development for Insurance.com - venture funded by Fidelity Capital and sold in 2003 to Comparison Market. Earlier in his career, Mr. Ricciardelli also held positions in strategy consulting and business development at Fidelity Investments, and financial analysis at Salomon Brothers.



Senior Vice President – Business Development and Consumer Marketing



URL: Bankrate.com


More about Frank Schilling

Frank Schilling was one of the first to administer very large portfolios of domain names for third-parties and is one of the largest generic domain-name investors in the world. Today he operates a new, investor-based domain monetization platform, InternetTraffic.com, which has shaken the old PPC model to its foundation. Frank runs his domain and investment enterprise from the Cayman Islands, and has a portfolio of domain names known to be one of the largest ever built, and estimated to be valued in the vicinity of $500 million dollars, by some estimates.

Franks was one of the first to speak publicly about the subject of domain investing during a Tech TV interview with Matt Markovich in 2002, describing those who invest in high-value generic domain names for the purpose of future development. Today participants in this space are collectively known as domainers.

Frank's bidding and investment activities helped expand the expiring domain name auction houses; and later, other ICANN accredited registrars selling their registry connections as a drop registrar. Frank Schilling patented the "Generic Top Level Domain Rerouting System" in 2001, financed the Caribbean's first ICANN accredited domain name registrar in 2003, joined as a member of the ICANN business constituency and co-founded the non-profit Internet Commerce Association in 2006. He began domain blogging on Seven Mile in 2007.

A 2008 book by WSJ reporter David Kesmodel entitled "The Domain Game" touches on Frank's history in domains and the evolution of the industry.




InternetTraffic.com and Seven Mile

URL: InternetTraffic.com


More about Daniel Schindler

A seasoned technology executive and graduate of Surrey College of Technology, Dan Schindler has founded and developed creative and varied businesses his entire career, from coal-mining to convenience shopping, and from the automobile industry to professional sports management.

For the better part of the last decade, Dan was CEO of CentralNic, a domain name industry leader that recruited nearly every accredited registrar as resellers of second-level names, and grew the company many times over to multi-million dollar profits. Prior to CentralNic, Dan founded Gecko Internet, a web-design and hosting company. He is also the past sales director of Visi Systems Ltd, producers of business and medical software.





Donuts, Inc.

URL: Donuts.co


More about Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan is the Co-Founder and CEO of BankAds, and Founder of DNSR.com. Sean has worked in Web Development and Internet Advertising since 2001. Before moving into web space full time, he worked at an ad agency in south Florida for six years, eventually moving up from copy writer to creative director when he left the business in 2007. Since then he has been a web development and domain acquisition consultant for a number of companies and individuals.

In March of this year he launched BankAds, the only solution exclusively dedicated to the development and monetization of financial and business related domains. BankAds owns and controls a number of leading premium sites including CheckingAccount.com, CreditCards.net, OnlineBanks.com, HomeMortgage.com, LLC.NET, LLC.ORG, GoldBullion.com as well many others.



CEO & Co-Founder



URL: BankAds.com

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